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Root Canal Treatment

At West Parade Dental Care our experienced dentists regularly carry out root canal treatments with the latest equipment and we pride ourselves on being able to do so in a calm, friendly and pain-free setting.


Why would I need root canal treatment?

The causes of tooth infection are varied – deep decay, cracked fillings or teeth and damage as a result of trauma are a few. Bacterial infection in the chamber of the tooth causes the nerve to die. At this point it is no longer possible to treat the tooth with a filling.

The Procedure

Root canal treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and therefore we can ensure you will be comfortable throughout the procedure. Rather like having a filling (but a little longer) the tooth is cleaned internally to remove as much bacteria and infected tissue.

The remaining space is filled and a filling is placed on top. Its is desirable in most cases to crown or place an onlay on the tooth tooth improve the strength and protect from reinfection.


You can carry on as normal once the anaesthetic has worn off. Just be careful with what you eat, how you chew and maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine.


Do you have toothache? Contact West Parade Dental Centre immediately to find out if you require a root canal treatment.

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