Cosmetic dentistry

At West Parade Dental Care, we have helped hundreds of patients over the last 40 years achieve their ideal smile. So we want you to have the smile that you have always dreamed of. Our highly skilled team offer a full range of services which we can tailor to your needs. Whether you want your teeth brighter, straighter or you would like a full smile makeover, we can help. Take a look at your some of your options below.


ABC – Align, Brighten and Contour

Our team constantly strive to provide the most ethical and clinically appropriate treatments, together with a focus on providing the most up to date treatments. Align, Brighten and Contour (ABC) is a new innovative and conservative way of providing you with a smile makeover you will love. The best part is that no or very limited tooth cutting is necessary and as a result many say it is painless.

Previously, smile makeovers were time consuming, harmful to teeth and expensive. ABC has revolutionised this and is a sought after treatment as a result.

  1. Align – Invisalign clear braces (removable) and other alternatives can be used to straighten the teeth.
  2. Brighten – Teeth whitening is carried out to improve the colour of teeth towards the end of the align phase.
  3. Contour – Now the teeth are straight and you are happy with their colour. Composite (white fillings) bonding can be used to improve their shape. Porcelain veneers can also be used here if applicable.

At West Parade Dental Care, we have been able to provide this treatment for many of our patients.

Veneers themselves are a brilliant treatment and provide great results, but many of our patients do understand and choose composite bonding as there is far less damage to their teeth, costs far less and they still can have the smile they have always wanted.


Teeth Whitening

At West Parade Dental Care we know most patients want a brighter and whiter smile, and it couldn’t be any simpler than teeth whitening. Our experienced team provide teeth whitening on a daily basis and have treated hundreds of happy patients. Most patients will have tried multiple techniques and unfortunately proved ineffective. But rest-assured, whitening your teeth with us at West Parade Dental Care will provide you with results to make you smile about. Professional teeth whitening from a dentist is the only safe, legal, and effective method of achieving a whiter, brighter smile

Here at West Parade Dental Care we use Boutique Whitening, which is a premium quality, professional teeth whitening system that delivers superior results, and we love it!

Boutique Whitening comes in different formulas so that you can whiten your teeth during the day, or overnight as you sleep.

There is an overwhelming body of evidence to show that dentist-supervised home whitening is the most effective way to whiten teeth.

Home whitening

Boutique Whitening is a system that we trust, that we use ourselves, and that we find gives consistently amazing results. It’s definitely our favourite whitening brand! Have a look at some of our before and after pictures and you’ll see why. (link to pics if you have some, otherwise I can provide them.

Designed by dentists, the multi-award winning Boutique Whitening offers teeth whitening solutions to suit your lifestyle.

Internal whitening

At West Parade Dental Care we know that it isn’t always necessary for all your teeth to be whitened. Commonly front teeth may get traumatised and as a result the nerve may die off, the by product can then stain the tooth internally. Therefore giving a darker or grey appearance. These teeth normally require a root canal treatment (link within website) and can then be whitened internally.

The process is simple and painless. The whitening gel is placed directly into the tooth and sealed in. This is changed over 2-3 visits until the colour of tooth improves and matches the other teeth. This process is commonly paired with home whitening to improves results further.


ICON and Microabrasion

If you have tooth stains that can’t be removed by whitening alone, at West Parade Dental Care, we offer ICON and microabrasion.


This treatment requires no drilling. This minimally invasive technique uses a process of infiltration to blend the white spots in with the rest of the tooth.


Combines gentle bleaching with a technique that gently sloughs away the outer, stained layers of enamel, leaving behind a smooth glassy surface.

Microabrasion - before and after

Composite Bonding and Porcelain Veneers

At West Parade Dental Care we want you to be happy and comfortable with your smile. Composite bonding and porcelain veneers can be used to safely and effectively improve minor imperfections, unsightly gaps or discoloured teeth.

Composite veneers have radicalised the field of cosmetic dentistry as they are biologically non-invasive and can be carried out by the dentist in surgery over one appointment. You can see how it helps with the ABC technique to provide minimally invasive smiles.

Composite Bonding

What is composite bonding?

Composite Bonding is a technique that uses white filling material which is bonded to the tooth enamel and then sculpted to. Some of its applications are:

  • Cosmetic smile makeover
  • Repair broken, vulnerable, chipped or worn teeth
  • Protect broken, vulnerable, chipped or worn teeth
  • Improve tooth colour
  • Change tooth shape, size and close gaps between teeth
  • Repair and protect teeth from wear

Why composite bonding is a good choice for you?

  • Composite bonding is minimally invasive
  • Beautiful and immediate results
  • Easily repairable and usually reversible
  • No or limited drilling
  • In many cases no injections are needed

At West Parade Dental Care we are keen to use this technique where indicated. As dentists we enjoy helping our patients have a healthy and beautiful smile. In the case of composite bonding, results can be seen immediately.

Veneers: Porcelain

How do veneers work?

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are permanently bonded to your existing tooth. They are hand crafted for each individual tooth from the finest materials. Porcelain veneers can be used in multiple applications, to provide a wonderful smile with their almost unrivalled appearance. Many dentists and patient choose veneers for their, strength, protection and durability of natural teeth.

The procedure usually requires two appointments – one for the tooth preparation and for taking impressions, and one for the placing of the veneers.


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