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Periodontics is the area of dentistry concerned primarily with treating periodontitis, or gum disease. At West Parade Dental Care, our dedicated clinical periodontist Mr Kapil Sanghi works closely with the hygienists so that, together, we can educate patients on the tooth care practices that stop gum disease in its tracks. Good oral health has a proven link to good overall health – so look after your gums, and you could be mitigating against a host of other conditions too, from heart disease to diabetes and cancer.

The ‘silent disease’

Gum disease is the number-one cause of tooth loss – yet many patients don’t take it seriously until it is too late. The problem with gum disease is that it can take decades to reveal itself, which is why it’s known as the silent disease. The good thing about gum disease is that it is entirely preventable and often reversible; it’s down to you to create and stick to a good oral hygiene regime.


What is periodontitis?

Otherwise known as gum disease, periodontitis is the inflammation of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. The early signs of gum disease are known as gingivitis, progressing to periodontitis as it worsens.

What are the signs of gum disease?

Bleeding, swollen or sore gums, and constant bad breath, are all signs that you have gingivitis. This is reversible with a good – but long-term – cleaning routine.

How is periodontitis treated?

Treatments range from a scale and polish, to remove disease-causing plaque and tartar, to root surface debridement, which involves cleaning under the gum line – anaesthetic may be required for this. In severe cases, surgery may be required to lift the gum for cleaning and reshape it for future protection. When gum disease is too advanced, tooth extraction is the only remaining option.


Dental hygiene

Good oral hygiene is the key to a lifelong healthy smile – and to your overall wellbeing. A habitual at-home regime should be combined with regular visits to your hygienist for a scale and polish, and regular check-ups with the dentist, who will be able to spot any early signs of gum disease and stop it in its tracks.

Our hygienists

At West Parade Dental Care our experienced hygienists can provide you with a professional clean and they can offer you so much more. They will focus on prevention, offering up-to-date advice on caring for and cleaning your teeth and gums, along with the crucial diet and lifestyle advice that can make or break a beautiful smile.

Our hygienists have also helped cosmetically improve smiles for many of our patients, Airflow (scroll down) is an unrivalled treatment that provides the most effective stain removal service.


Cosmetic Airflow

Patients commonly request a brighter, whiter smile and very few treatments can provide painless and immediate results Airflow is one that is extremely effective. Our team at West Parade can advise if Airflow is good option for you and is often advised prior to tooth whitening.

Airflow is a treatment, better than just a traditional polish alone. At West Parade Dental Care our team of Dental Hygienists are highly experienced with Airflow and have helped multiple patients bring out the best in their smile. Combined with a scale and polish the Airflow is used to thoroughly clean between your teeth, around fillings and crowns etc. The result is a clean that is unrivalled by all other options. Once our hygienists have got your teeth as stain free as possible you’ll be able to marvel at their brighter appearance! Stains detract the eye from the true colour of your teeth so you’ll have instant results!

It works through the combined power of three things – air, calcium carbonate powder and a jet of water. There are additional powders that are fantastic at cleaning around fixed orthodontic appliances so can be used pre/during/post orthodontics and also to maintain dental implants. Our hygienists can repeat the treatment up to 4 times a year.

Only one Airflow treatment is needed to remove all the plaque and discoloration leaving you with a fresh clean feel and a great smile!


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