West Parade Dental Care
West Parade Dental Practice Lincoln

The Dental Team


Dr Kenneth F B Hume: BDS (University of Dundee)
GDC Number: 51920
Dr Adrian P Wilson: BChD (University of Leeds)
GDC Number: 67762
Dr Melanie E Edwards: BDS (University of Bristol) MFDS (RCS, Eng)
GDC Number: 79560
Dr Kapil Sanghi: BDS (University of Punjab) MJDF (RCS, Eng)
Cert in Perio (UCLAN) GDC Number: 109884
Dr Amarinder Sanghi: BDS (Punjab) Diploma in Prosthodontics (King's College London) GDC Number: 105170
Dr Stuart Humphries: BDS (University of Newcastle upon Tyne) MFGDP (UK)
DPDS (Bristol) GDC Number: 85699
Dr Guinevere E Wright: BDS (Sheffield) MSc Aesthetic Dentistry (King's College London) PGDip MAARD (UK) GDC Number: 85652
Dr Krishan Mistry BChD (University of Leeds) FDS (RCS, Edinburgh)
GDC Number: 251770
Dr Nigel D Bourne BDS (Sheffield) DGDP (UK) LDS (RCS, Eng)
GDC Number: 56922
Mr Michael A Coupland BDS (Dundee) FDS (RCS, Edinburgh)
GDC Number: 50856

Jayne Skinner EDH GDC Number: 4433
Carole Marlow EDH GDC Number: 2132
Vicki Jones RDH GDC Number: 102910